Bushes and shrubs are garden plants that create the framework of your garden design. They come in all colours, shapes & sizes and there is always one that is just right for the spot you need to fill. Just as most garden plants die off in the autumn and spend the winter underground, shrubs remain above ground in winter and can provide interest and colour in the colder months.

All gardens are different and all bushes & shrubs grow best in certain environments. When purchasing a shrub, it is important to know what properties it has and whether it will thrive in the soil & light conditions of your particular garden. Some shrubs can grow vigorously and will become tall very quickly whereas others may take many years to reach their final height. It’s important to do your research carefully and take this into account to if you want to plant a certain shrub in your garden. Our shrub experts are always on hand to guide you to make the perfect choice.

Planting a Shrub

When planting new shrubs, we always recommend digging a large planting hole and mixing the native soil with a fresh supply of potting or planting soil. This ensures that your plant gets off to the best start in your garden.

Compost can improve the structure of the soil and can also be altered to create the optimal mix, according to the type of plant you are planting & also the type of soil that is native to your garden.

Reasons why you should prune your shrub?

It is important to prune your shrub to keep the plant healthy. Besides that, pruning has several more benefits. These are the most important reasons why you should prune your shrub:

  • You want to achieve a better shape and way of growing shrubs
  • The bushes or shrubs become too big
  • Remove too low-hanging or sagging branches
  • To improve the health of shrubs (always remove what is dead, weak and sick)
  • To stimulate the flowering of shrubs
  • For more, better and bigger fruits
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There are many different shrubs to choose from, some of the most popular are: Camellia, Spiraea, Viburnum, Buddleia and Japanese Maples. We stock all of the well-known favourites but also many more unusual varieties for the adventurous and experienced gardener.

Please ask our Garden Centre staff for more information and advice about our shrubs. We look forward to welcoming you very soon…

Palmers Garden Centre - Leicestershire’s Best Garden Centre

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Robust and stylish, the Melbury Aluminium range is sure to make a statement in any garden. The sturdy but light-weight aluminium frame is designed for easy modern living that will not rust. The supportive back bars gives the Melbury a powerful character and with the large plump back cushions the comfort is unforgettable. The thick Polywood armrests fit in nicely with the powder-coated frames creating an extra depth to the Melbury’s overall style. All cushion covers are zipped for easy cleaning and the fabric is designed to resist damp and to assist drying.


Melbury 3 Seater Grand Left Sofa - Charcoal Grey - Slate Grey Fabric x 1 219.5cm x 82cm x 74cm

Melbury 3 Seater Grand Right Sofa - Charcoal Grey - Slate Grey Fabric x 1 219.5cm x 82cm x 74cm

Melbury Grand Corner Sofa - Charcoal Grey - Slate Grey Fabric x 1 81cm x 81cm x 74cm

Melbury Modular Dining Bench - Charcoal Grey - Slate Grey Fabric x 2 120cm x 40cm x 30.5cm

Melbury Grand 150 x 50cm Firepit Table - Charcoal Grey - Granite Top x 1 150cm x 150cm x 67cm

  • Lightweight, rust-free, powder-coated aluminium frame in Anthracite
  • Protective glass fire shield
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Integrated gas bottle storage
  • Summer-proof cushions
  • Table top - Granite
  • Assembly required
  • Only 5kg Propane gas bottle must be used
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