Annual plants live for only one year but provide an enormous amount of joy in the garden. They are perfect for adding seasonal pops of colour to pots, borders & hanging baskets. Annual plants are prolific bloomers providing an abundance of brightly coloured flowers in your garden for months on end. Varieties such as Lobelia & Petunias that seem to flower endlessly all summer long. Annuals come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They do not need much care, just always provide enough water, then sit back and enjoy them until the autumn!

How to care for your Annuals

The wonderful thing about annuals is that they look great from day one. With the right after care you can keep them in tip top condition as long as possible.

It is advised in gardening circles to wait to plant outdoor perennials and patio plants outside until mid-May when all risk of frost has passed.

  • Almost all annuals and related plants prefer a sunny location.
  • Provide good drainage so that the excess water does not remain in the pot.
  • Pots planted with annuals require water almost every day in the summer. Even planted in the garden it may be necessary to water occasionally in dry weather.
  • Plants in pots also need to be fertilised regularly. Easiest to use are liquid fertilisers or slow-acting fertilisers that are sufficient for the entire growing season. A starter fertiliser has been added to some potting soils, so that you do not need to fertilise straight away.
  • Many species (such as Begonia and Pelargonium) will bloom better and longer if you regularly remove the faded flowers.
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Would you like to know more about our annuals? Please ask our Garden Centre staff for more information and advice about our annuals. We look forward to welcoming you very soon…

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