February in the garden

The days are getting longer, and hopefully soon we'll be seeing some well deserved sun, and we bet you're itching to get into the garden!

Plant of the Month


Beautiful single or double flowers

Make good ground cover and great for shady borders, patio tubs and planters

February plants

Helleborus Orientalis (Lenten Rose)

Clenatis Armandii


Corylus 'Contorta' 

general maintenance

  • double check all of your frost protection is still in place; don't be fooled by any sunshine you may see, it'll still get frosty.
  • dig those new borders if you didn't have time in January, just make sure the ground isn't frozen
  • continue with any cleaning and maintenance jobs of tools, pathways and pots that you didn't get round to in January

flowers and plants

  • bring your Dahlias out of hibernation and pot in compost in a tray. Keep them somewhere frost free and with light
  • sow your sweet peas in the greenhouse - spring is on it's way
  • lightly trim winter flowering Heathers once the flowers die off
  • plant some Pansies and Violas to brighten up your garden
  • now is the perfect time to plant Lily of the Valley crowns


  • stay off the lawn as much as possible
  • spruce up any tatty edges or repair holes
  • if you're laying your lawn, you can start preparing the space.


  • cover your strawberries to encourage earlier fruit
  • prune any fruit trees, if you haven't already. Remember to keep the centre fairly open and cut out any rubbing branches to prevent disease
  • don't forget your netting cover to keep the birds from stealing your fruit
  • re-mulch your trees and shrubs with fresh produce
  • throw away any rotting fruit


It is time to sow your early vegetable and salad crops in the greenhouse or in trays:

  • keep them on a windowsill, they need the light and air
  • thin out your radishes to 1" apart when large enough to handle
  • dig over any vacant areas ready for new crop
  • dig up any root crops still planted and store

don't forget the birds

Winter is a hard time for wild birds, they struggle to find food in the cold and their water freezes over.

  • make sure you put out fresh water
  • put out fresh food that is high in energy or fat/suet balls
  • give your bird table a good clean and check that it's sturdy and in good condition