October in the garden

Autumn is here and you will start to see changes in your garden. Trees are changing colour and leaves are falling - great for making garden mulch!

General Maintenance

  • keep on top of falling leaves; clear them up regularly and use them for mulching around plants
  • order your seeds ready for next year
  • harvest any apples, pears or grapes you may have
  • raise patio containers on to bricks to avoid them sitting in water over winter
  • remove any plant stakes as your herbaceous plants die down for winter

Flowers and Plants

  • you should now be planting your winter flowering pansies, wallflowers and forget-me-nots, all available at Palmers
  • continue planting your spring flowering bulbs ready for next year
  • cut back any faded herbaceous perennials
  • lift and store any tender plants that might need extra protection over the cold months
  • deadhead your hanging baskets and don't forget to feed and water. When they look like they need refreshing, plant with spring flowering bulbs, winter heathers and trailing ivies
  • check on any bulbs being forced in darkness. If they are showing signs of top growth and have a healthy root system then bring them into a cool, light room to encourage flowering

Trees and Shrubs

  • now is a great time to be moving and planting shrubs, trees, climbers and hedging
  • prune your rose bushes, reducing the height will prevent wind rock
  • if you haven't already, prune your climbing roses 
  • hard prune your Buddleja, Cornus and Lavatera
  • keep watering your shrubs, in particular azaleas and rhododendrons; this will help with successful blooms next spring
  • check that your trees are tied and staked well in time for winter


  • this is your last chance to scarify your lawn
  • once you have scarified apply an autumn lawn feed
  • rake any fallen leaves off the lawn, otherwise they will block out the light and air
  • don't mow your lawns too low - 2.5cm is a good length


  • keep supplying the birds with fresh food and water daily, in cold weather water will freeze over
  • check that there is no moldy food on their tables
  • we have a full range of seeds, feeders and tables available at Palmers

Happy Halloween everyone! Why not brighten up your patio with a carved pumpkin.