September in the garden

Things should be getting cooler outside and the days shorter. The biggest part of this month will be reaping the rewards of harvest if you have a fruit or vegetable patch.

And don't forget, it's time to start planting those spring flowering bulbs ready for next year - a great selection is available at Palmers!

Plant of the Month

Japanese Anemones

A beautiful plant, flowering in late summer to autumn.

Simple, pretty, saucer shaped flowers of white and various shades of pink

general maintenance

  • frost is soon to be on it's way, so bring in any tender plants you have, like Fuchsia
  • stake any late flowering tall perennials to prevent damage
  • buy your spring flowering bulbs
  • clear away dead leaves when they begin to fall - rotting leaves can cause disease in the garden. Use them on the compost heap

flowers and plants

  • sow your sweet peas in a cold frame or greenhouse, ready for early summer blooms next year
  • plant new perennials, especially towards the end of the month when the soil is still warm, but moisture levels are increasing
  • cut back any fading perennials
  • deadhead your flowers, not forgetting hanging baskets, and remember to water and feed
  • it's a good time to start planting and moving shrubs and trees. Ensure that they get a thorough soaking when planted
  • prune any late flowering shrubs
  • trim your hedges into shape for Winter
  • prune your climbing roses once they have flowered
  • cut out any dead, spindly growth from the garden; removing from the base will encourage more vigorous growth


  • keep mowing, but raise the height of the cut as the grass growth slows down
  • apply an autumn feed to harden your lawn up for winter
  • it's the ideal time to create new lawns, fresh turf is available from Palmers

fruit and vegetables

  • reap the rewards of your harvest
  • pick your autumn raspberries
  • dig up any remaining potatoes before slug damage spoils them
  • cover leafy vegetable crops with a bird proof netting


  • keep supplying them with fresh food and water
  • check that there is not moldy food on their tables
  • we have a full range of seeds and feeders available at Palmers

Let's start getting ready for winter!