May in the garden

The transformation of your garden is about to begin; the flowers will bloom and the grass will grow, but don't forget, with this glorious sunshine comes those pesky weeds!

general maintenance

Hopefully the weather is set to improve, but beware, plants can still suffer from frost.

  • keep vulnerable, new shoots protected at night
  • leave putting out tender bedding until mid May
  • continue spring cleaning - tidying your borders and getting rid of weeds
  • Dandelions are a common weed at this time of year, if you don't have time to pull them out at the root then chop off their heads to prevent them from setting seeds
  • DON'T FORGET TO WATER!! Invest in an automatic watering system which is more economical, or collect water
  • add general purpose fertiliser to the soil and mulch. If you have already mulched, try pulling it back and adding fertiliser beneath

flowers and plants

  • thin annuals to prevent them from becoming too spindly
  • cut off old foliage from flowering perennials
  • deadhead Daffodils and Tulips
  • sow hardy annuals like Nasturtiums
  • plant up containers and pots to add colour to your garden
  • cut wispy, dead wood off your Japanese Maples
  • don't forget to feed your Cameillias and Rhododendrons with ericaceous feed
  • spray your Roses with fungicide to keep off mildew and black spot.


  • seed new lawns now, this is your last chance. Remember to cover to keep the birds away.
  • mow your lawns regularly - once a week if needed. Avoid mowing if there is a frost
  • feed established lawns if you haven't already


  • protect your fruit trees with netting to keep the birds off
  • caterpillars and greenfly will start to appear, pick off caterpillars when you see them, and try a greenfly pesticide (available at Palmers)
  • harvest early Rhubarb
  • mulch around your Strawberries


  • sow your vegetable seeds. Always check the instructions on the packet
  • plant out your Brassicas if they've been growing in the greenhouse
  • earth up your early crop potatoes and plant your main crop
  • weed between your vegetables
  • VEGETABLE PLANTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT PALMERS including Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers


  • keep supplying them with fresh food and water

garden pests

The slugs and snails are now in abundance, eating your Tulips and any delicious young shoots

  • put down pet friendly slug pellets
  • remember, they love Hostas and their big tasty leaves, so soak the ground beneath them with liquid slug killer

Happy May in the garden!