June in the garden

With June 'hopefully' comes some much needed sunshine and we should be able to see gardens full of colour and beauty.

General Maintenance

  • keep those pesky weeds at bay. Try hoeing them on warm days and leaving them on the surface to wither in the sunshine
  • still keep an eye on any really tender plants at night time, just in case the frost rears it's ugly head again
  • keep your garden well watered, particularly if it's hot. Why not try a bit of recycling and collect your rain water to reuse. 

Flowers and Plants

  • deadhead your flowers. Your flowers will thrive more if you remove any old spent flower heads
  • plant out your summer bedding - a full variety available now at Palmers
  • give your hanging baskets, pots and containers a feed every now and then
  • cut back tender shrubs like penstemons, once the frost has disappeared
  • towards the end of the month you need to prune your flowering shrubs, cutting out the oldest bits of wood right down to the base
  • keep your Roses healthy by treating with a fungicide spray to clear off black spot and mildew. Try and do this in the evening to prevent harm to our much needed bees
  • erect supports for herbaceous plants, like your Peonies and Delphiniums, this should help prevent collapse
  • tie in sweet peas using a soft twine
  • plant up tubs and containers to add instant colour to your garden
  • thin your annuals fortnightly to prevent them becoming spindly


  • feed your lawns with a high nitrogen fertiliser
  • MOW! Try to mow your lawn weekly, this should help it to stay healthier
  • water your lawn to prevent it drying out in the hot weather


Those delicious strawberries should be showing now, a sign that summer is truly on it's way.

  • add straw around the strawberries to keep the fruit away from the soil
  • keep all your fruit watered well and keep away weeds
  • protect your fruit trees and bushes with netting else the birds might eat them all


  • vegetable seeds can still be sown this month, we have a full variety available at Palmers
  • plant out your brussels, cabbages and broccoli
  • plant out your tomato plants, again we have a full variety available at Palmers. Be sure to use canes for support
  • earth up your potatoes to prevent sunlight getting to the tubers turning them green


  • keep supplying them with fresh food and water
  • we have a full range of seed and feeders available at Palmers...a great gift for Father's Day

Garden Pests

  • protect your new shoots from slugs. Try using egg shells, or some slug pellets

Enjoy your garden and make the most of the sunshine!